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We have just had a 2 day holiday for Presidents Day and will get a week off in March for Spring Break, followed by 3 days in April for Easter. The advantage of working at a Catholic university!!!! I love it! In addition, in lieu of a pay raise, (😞) our university has moved to a 4 day work week. In a normal week we would work 5 7 hour days. Now we can work 32 hours over 4 days and are given the extra 3 hours paid off time. Many are taking a whole day, but I decided to spread mine over 2 days. I work 8-12 on a Tuesday and Thursday and after eating lunch and walking with my friends (a tradition we started pre pandemic) I head to my university choir rehearsal (with Laura Greenwald) for 1 1/2 hours then home to cook dinner in a leisurely manner. It actually works best for my office coverage and so far I am loving it. Singing really helps me relax!!! So I definitely endorse taking time off for whatever activity makes you happy!!! Enjoy your break too!

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Down here in the volcanic tropics I could use some snow, I want to ski no matter what!

Why does everybody hate Russia? This is why, let´s go to Russia, no problem. Now is the best time.

A man rejected by the cosmos itself, cast down from a ray of light. The modern Icarus. Too innocent for the depths of Hell, too imperfect for Heaven’s grace, doomed to earthly purgatory, me.

Bean, Mr Bean, how do you do? I am beholding The Man That Has Never Been. Done it, seen it all, been there, spilling the beans ….


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